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Evan! 12-10-2007 10:17 PM

Crash-Cooled cider: repitch w/ Montrachet yeast at bottling?
This is my first cider, and it's been clearing in the lagerator at 38f for maybe a month. Before that, it fermented out for a month and sat at 65f for maybe another 2 weeks to clear. So never having done this before...would it be a good idea to repitch at bottling time? I don't have any washed cider yeast (I used the White Labs English Cider for primary) but this stuff fermented down so low (1.001 fg) that I figure if I pitch some dry Montrachet yeast, which I have plenty of, that might do the trick without messing with any more sugars beyond the priming amount. Thoughts?

zoebisch01 12-11-2007 12:24 PM

With the cider I did last year, I didn't bother repitching. It came out really light, almost like Champagne actually. If you are concerned, stick to your method of sprinkling a little yeast in there, although I don't think it is necessary. I used an Ale yeast on one batch (the only one I have bottled so far) and it finished at 1.009.

I am anxious to see what (if any) big differences result from the different yeasts other than finishing gravity. Last years Cider did pretty much the same thing with a different Ale yeast finishing out pretty much the same. And the flavor is very similar. Although it's really hard to tell because my apple blend was much different this year. But I did have 3 carboys this year with the various yeast so that should be a good indicator.

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