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caseyweed 12-26-2011 10:19 PM

Cold crash, then carbonate.
I just racked my batch of cider to a secondary and had a question about cold crashing. I am doing this mainly to get achieve a little more clarity.

First, I was just planning on sticking it outside. The temperatures this week will be in the low to mid 40's. Is that even cold enough?

Second, one I've let it sit outside for a few days will the yeast come back well enough for carbonation?

Thanks for any advice.

rumbler 12-27-2011 04:30 AM

Well I see a couple of problems in what ur trying to do...first of all mid to low 40s is questionable as to being cold enough, depends on the activity of the yeast at the time... the purpose of cold crashing is to hault fermentation, now it WILL also help with clearing...but its going to cause most of ur yeasties to drop out of suspension and settle...if u allow the temps to rise again fermentation will restart however if u immediatley rack it off then the possibility of bottle carbing will be a toss up due to very few if any yeast remaining in the product...for clearing purposes have u considered pectic enzyme

caseyweed 12-27-2011 05:44 AM

I did add some Pectic enzyme. I didn't have it during the initial process, so I got some and mixed it in a couple days later. It's been in the mix now for 5 days, but has really had no effect. I think I might just forgo trying to clear this batch as I would like it for new year and shoot for a clear batch next time around.

divi2323 12-27-2011 05:59 AM

you can always hit it with chitosan to try and give it a bump in clearing. works in winemaking anyway.

RugenBrau 12-27-2011 10:03 PM

If your temps remainn in the low 40's and don't get any higher than that you will be ok. Make sure it doesnn't sit in the sun. I cold crash outside if it is going to stay low.
As for the carbonation.....Which yeast are you using? Some are easier to stop than others. I have been able to stop O4.
I see that you only have two post. If you are new to this I would be careful. You don't want a bottle bomb. When I started out I cold crashed ciders to keep tham sweet but left them still. I always used cork bottles just incase it kicked up again. For the cider that I carbonate, I use a method similiar to Pappers. Check the sticky. Good Luck

caseyweed 12-28-2011 03:42 PM

divi- I'll look into the chitosan for my next batch, thanks.

Rugen - I am fairy new to this, I have made two other small batches before this. I stopped the fermentation on those while they were still sweet with the stove top pasteurizing technique in the sticky. They were still cloudy so I'm just trying to clear this latest batch up a little.

Thanks for the help.

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