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D-U-K-E 02-08-2008 02:17 AM

Cider Yeasts
So, this may be in the massive thread, but i had enough with searching for it.
As i gather one can use champagne yeast, ale yeast, and wine yeast, or (whodathunk) Cider yeast! i have heard of a lot of experimentation with these different yeast, but am still a bit confused...

which yeast makes the best dry, crisp, appley (if thats a word), cider?

Duke 1...UNC 0!

Iordz 02-08-2008 02:28 AM

Personally, I like champagne yeast, Lalvin. It will produce a dry, slighlty fruity, cider. The dryness will give it that crisp, refreshing, quality you are looking for. It's also important to carbonate the cider quite high, this will make it dry and refreshing.

Evan! 02-08-2008 02:45 AM

Dry, crisp, appley...look no further than White Labs English Cider Yeast. I've got a cider made with it in bottle now that is as dry, crisp and appley as it gets. Like biting into a granny smith fresh off the tree.

Beerthoven 02-08-2008 02:56 AM

Cote des Blanc and WL English Cider Yeast are both good choices.

D-U-K-E 02-08-2008 02:59 AM

how does ale yeast fare?

Beerthoven 02-08-2008 03:07 AM


Originally Posted by D-U-K-E
how does ale yeast fare?

I've never used it but some folks swear by it. Hefeweizen and Nottingham seem to be the most popular.

zoebisch01 02-08-2008 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by D-U-K-E
how does ale yeast fare?

I am in the midst of a three yeast experiment. So far, the Ale yeast (56? can't recall atm) finished out first...1.001. Then the Wine yeast (Red Star Cuvee iirc) finished out....1.001. I am hopefully going to bottle the natural yeast this weekend, gotta check to see if it's settled out. I think it was 1.001 as well, gotta check my notes.

Flavor testing will commence in a month or so, hopefully.

sirsloop 02-08-2008 01:27 PM

I've got a gallon going now with WB-06 (wheat beer) dry yeast... i'll let you know in a month. Its finished fermenting, but I'll need to rack this to secondary, crash cool, and possibly a tertiary and crash cool again to get the yeast out of suspension. If it tastes good I think that would end up being the reason to not use wheat beet yeast. Not flocculant.

Zzyzx 02-08-2008 03:30 PM


Originally Posted by D-U-K-E
how does ale yeast fare?

I'd say it depends on the Ale yeast.... Personally I prefer the Belgian strains. Lots of interesting flavors come out of them.

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