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stubba 09-12-2010 12:37 PM

Cider not fermenting?
Made two batches of cider one in a one gallon jug and the other in a Mr. beer barrel. Pitched yeast in both at 72 degrees. Added some raisins and a little orange zest to the one gallon batch and it started fermenting within two hrs. with a bubble every eight seconds. The Mr. beer batch took about twelve hrs. to get going and had a bubble every ten seconds but that only lasted one day and stopped no more bubbles but there is foam on top. The one gallon batch is still bubbling away with alot of activity going on inside after three days but the other batch I can't see anything moving inside at all. I used a pack of nottingham yeast 11g in each one. They both had high og one gallon batch was 1.100 the other was 1.086. pretty high I know but should I pitch another pack of yeast or shake things up a bit. I did stir them up pretty good when I first pitched. I know your gonna tell me to take a reading but I've made cider a few times and I just don't see any activity going on inside.

manticle 09-13-2010 06:57 AM

Still should take a reading.

Meanwhile make an active starter with some more yeast and yeast nutrient in store bought preservative free juice. When that gets up and going, pitch the lot (unless your reading tells you your brew is moving in which case ferment out and cold crash the yeast starter and re-use for your next cider.

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