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cknittle 01-26-2013 07:53 AM

Cider newbie question.
Ok, so I have already started the process on my cider, an kinds forgot about it. I used 3 gallons of apple juice and some Safale US 05. Now, as I said, I forgot about it, so it has been fermenting for a couple of months now. What are my next steps when I planting bottle it?? My guess would be to back sweeten it by adding some concentrate to it. Bottle it up after that wait a week or so then stick them all in the fridge. Any other suggestions?


smegger 01-26-2013 08:41 AM

Well, it should hopefully be pretty clear by now. I'd highly recommend using a bottling bucket and a syphon. Mainly because if you move your fermentation vessel too much you will probably disturb the sediment.

Once you got it all in the bottling bucket you can backsweeten and prime as you like.

When you have bottled it you might want to figure out how you plan on storing it. Either keep in the fridge if you plan on drinking within a few weeks or look at longer term options like pasteurising the bottles (there is an excellent thread stickied in this forum).

Main reason is if you don't stop the yeast they will eat all the sugar you use (including backsweetening and priming) and may create bottle bombs if the pressure gets too great.

Other option if you want still cider is to use chemicals to inhibit the yeast. I have never done this myself, but there are plenty of people who can give info on how if neccesary.

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