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wildman 09-19-2010 12:12 AM

cider maker joining the forum
Hello, ive actually been reading these boards for several years and now i feel i know enough to contribute instead of asking a bunch of newb questions, so ive decided to join.

i decided to put my introduction here since this is the only place ill look or post.

i started brewing beer probably 6 years ago and put ~250 gallons under my belt. used midwest extract kits at first then did mini mash kits for a bit then did kind of a hybrid technique where i tried to fit as much grain into my 5 gal brew pot as i could, keeping the grain in a sack, running water through the sack to rinse the grains till i made up the difference from taking the grain out then bumping up the gravity with a quart of extract. Its kinda like a mini mash but maximizing the amount grain you can use without going with a full blown all grain setup.

ill have to say that while the extract kits were very good, everytime i went for a better method my beers markedly improved. never did make the jump to all grain because i coudnt justify working all day for just 2 cases of beer, im lazy.

then about this time 2 falls ago a buddy brought over a sixpack of hardcore cider because he didnt like it, i tried it and liked it then marbles started rolling around in my head. there are literally tons and tons of apples that go to waste every year in my town. i figured cheap good booze, cant go wrong. so i bought 25 pound press, read all i could and picked a bunch of apples. brewed about 35 gallons. it turned out so good i will do it every fall until i die.

the main problem the first year was crushing the apples, i put a 10 pound weight on top of 2 2x4s and crushed them by hand. that was too much work, im lazy. so i built a grinder for the next year, cost me about a hundred bucks to build and worth every penny, it will grind a 5 gallon pail of the hardest crab apples in about 20 seconds, it took me 25 minutes to do the same the year before. ill try to put up a video of it after i get done making cider of it this fall. i expanded my carboy collection with 2 15s to 70 gallons last fall and am getting two more 15s this year. you can only make cider once a year the way i do it.

my methods are much different from the resident expert on this forum, i make a dry heavily carbonated cider from a huge variety of apples (20+) including lots and lots of crab apples, i use sulphite although im going to try some without this year and i bottle it all up.

well thats enough typing for now but im sure ill be posting here frequently.

Pappers_ 09-19-2010 01:03 AM

Welcome, Wild. A 70 gallon carboy? Wow!

wildman 09-19-2010 01:11 AM


Originally Posted by Pappers (Post 2285179)
Welcome, Wild. A 70 gallon carboy? Wow!

I wish. i could really have fun that. allthough it took 16 hours for three men to press 70 gallons last year, it was to much work for one day, id have to build a bigger press.

Pappers_ 09-19-2010 01:17 AM

Hahahaha, I completely misread your sentence! A carboy that doubles as a water-tower . . . .

MeadWitch 09-19-2010 03:47 AM


Originally Posted by Pappers (Post 2285179)
Welcome, Wild. A 70 gallon carboy? Wow!

I was wondering if I had misread the post?!?! LOL

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