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irish_brewer 12-29-2011 04:34 AM

Cider has a starchy taste
So my first batch of cider went well. Straight Motts, 3068 Wyeast and brown sugar. This time its not so good. I decided to try and use Costco Natural Pressed Apple Juice, Nottingham, Brown Sugar. OG was 1.068 and looked great. 2 weeks later I am at 1.014 but it has an off taste that is....starchy? Not so much a yeast flavor that I am used to, but it is unpleasant. I made two separate 5 gal batches a few days apart and they both have the same taste. Is this just the taste of the Nottingham yeast that I am tasting? Since I have the first carboy to about 7% I am going to give cold crashing a shot to see if dropping the yeast out helps the flavor and leave the other 5 gal to ferment out just as a test. Ideas here? I was hoping that this 10 gallons would turn out for my new years party Sat. but its not looking like it will. Should I try filtering?

Ugh, the first batch was awesome, why did I have to screw with it :)

rumbler 12-29-2011 02:40 PM

I have no experience with that yeast but I have to agree and say it might be a character trait of it especially if it was fermented in an off temprature...Do u remember your ferm temp?...I agree about cold crashing, and then maybe splash rack it and see if that helps too (its more for off smells but it might help) and they are still a little green, give them some time and it might go away...wish I could be more help, just figured I would give my $0.02

Pickled_Pepper 12-29-2011 03:31 PM

I make my ciders from this exact same setup. 6 gallons of Costco fresh pressed AJ and enough Brown Sugar to bring it up to above 1.050. (usually only a couple of cups) I also boil a few oz of organic raisins in a small amount of water and add that. (Smashed then poured through a strainer) I pitch rehydrated Notty Ale Yeast and put a airlock on.

I try to ferment at around 62F. Two weeks in primary and how ever long I can wait in the secondary for clearing.

I don't think 2 weeks is really enough time to let it mellow and clear. I'd let it sit in a secondary at least a month then taste it again. Unfortunately, that's not going to help much with drinking it on New Year's Eve.

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