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Photopilot 08-07-2007 09:01 PM

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I have not opened it up to smell it, I just dont want to face the truth yet, but am sure it is a bacteria. When i saw the first spot, my first thought was mold in my fermenter. At that time the glass in the carboy was clean.

Now the glass is fogged with something, my guess is mold and there are a few spots still floating in it. I am really disappointed as i was looking forward to drinking this when I got back from a multi week training I am about to leave for.

I am pretty sure there is some mold in my kitchen but I tried to minimize exposure possibilities to the cider. My other thought was I used a wine thief to sample and take a hydrometer reading. The hydrometer came from an BTF based soak, but the BTF solution had been setting around a while. I have since read that BTF solution goes inert quickly, so I was probably using a contaminated thief. At least that is my hope as there still may be a chance for my Ale that is fermenting.

Attached is a photo of the carboy. I will smell it later when i can steal up my courage for a big disappointment.

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