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GAJay 05-25-2011 07:40 PM

Cider Carbonation & Bottling
I started my first batch of Apple Passion Mango cider on May 14th. OG was 1.090 and I used 5.5 grams (half pack) of Nottingham Ale Yeast. It's been 11 days and my SP is at 1.010 which by my calculations is 10.8% ABV though I may have calculated something wrong. I don't mind it being a bit stronger than expected, but I thought an ale yeast would die out around 6% to 8% alcohol? I'd like to carbonate this in a bottle but not when I should do this. I'm going for a little sweetness so I'd like to stop fermentation soon but if I use Campden tabs and potassium sorbate I won't be able to carbonate it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated....

manoaction 05-25-2011 08:35 PM

The most common options are to back sweeten with non-fermentable sweetner like splenda or stevia, then add real sugar for carbonation.

The other option would be to stop fermentation by putting it permanently in the fridge to make the yeast go dormant, but you're flirting with bottle bombs and practically assured uneven carbonation with that method.

dinnerstick 05-26-2011 06:35 AM

although i have never used nottingham yeast i find it highly unlikely that it will finish at 8%
sad news, but you are facing the same problem as all of the other people who want to have sweet and sparkling cider: non-fermentable sugar, keg/force carb , or pasteurize. or exploding bottles

Pappers_ 05-26-2011 07:13 AM

As suggested, you've run into the conundrum. I suggest you read www.makinghardcider.com for a good introduction. I pasteurize my bottle conditioned cider, it's simple, easy and chemical-free, only requiring a little time.

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