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UpstateMike 12-04-2011 06:36 PM

Cider With Blackberries
This is a variant on the "Cell Phone Cider" recipe.

6 x 96 ounce bottles (4.5 gallons) Wegmans 100% Apple Juice, pasteurized, only vitamin C added
3 x 16 ounce bags frozen Great Value blackberries
2 lbs dextrose
Safale S-04 yeast, 11.5g

Thaw blackberries overnight. Leave apple juice out overnight to get to room temperature.

Next day, starting temp 72 degrees. Opened 1 bottle of apple juice, got a gravity reading of 1.050

In a 5 gallon carboy, pour in one bottle of apple juice. Add all of the blackberries and the juice they made from thawing.

Open bottles 2 and 3 of apple juice. Pour half of each bottle into carboy. Add 1 pound dextrose per bottle to the remaining amount of apple juice in bottles 2 and 3. Shake bottles to mix sugar and apple juice. Pour bottles 2 and 3 into carboy.

Pour bottles 4 and 5 of apple juice into carboy. Take another sample for OG, got a reading of 1.072. Open Safale S-04 yeast, pour into carboy. Agitate carboy to mix in yeast. Pour bottle 6 of apple juice into carboy.

Some of the blackberries are currently floating, some have settled to the bottom, and the cider has a deep purple color. It is my understanding that when this cider is done, the blackberries will be white.

EDIT: Corrected number of bottles of apple juice used.


LeBreton 12-04-2011 10:18 PM

Looks good.

I've had some very nice results using Wegmans 96oz AJ. Love how they fit a #7 rubber stopper perfectly, great for small test batches.

UpstateMike 12-05-2011 03:21 PM

About 24 hours and 65 degrees...


Devo9 12-05-2011 03:39 PM

Mmmmm, blackberries! I bet this is going to be one tasty batch!

UpstateMike 12-05-2011 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by Devo9 (Post 3543213)
Mmmmm, blackberries! I bet this is going to be one tasty batch!

After I got the reading of 1.072, I drank the sample, as I usually do. Holy sweet apple blackberry yummyness! :D

UpstateMike 12-06-2011 11:27 PM

Bubbling along nicely.
Blackberry Cider fermenting

buffalo 12-08-2011 02:18 AM

This sounds just like what i have been wanting to make,i can't wait to hear how it turns out.

UpstateMike 12-10-2011 04:17 AM

5 days of fermenting... Ohhh, foamy! And that's why you leave space at the top of the carboy in primary fermentation. :D


UpstateMike 12-13-2011 09:04 PM

10 days along, just took a reading, 1.038, so about 4.35% ABV. Tasted the sample, reminds me of a berry wine cooler.

Bugeaud 12-14-2011 04:45 AM

Looks really tasty can't wait for more pictures!! Question though, I see the main variation from the original recipe was that you added sugar. You just wanted more alcohol content, or what?

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