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Capt. Kaos 10-25-2008 09:13 PM

Bottle Carbing Question
Bottling my batches of cider this weekend. I want them carbed, I am planning on using a frozen apple juice concentrate.

How much should I use for each gallon of cider to get a nicer sparkle without freaking out about bottle bombs??


Nurmey 10-25-2008 09:22 PM

I used the nutrition panel of the concentrate to find for the amount of sugar in the juice. Figure on using 1 ounce of sugar per per gallon of cider.

Capt. Kaos 10-25-2008 09:29 PM

Thanks Alot! :mug:

Ok, wasnt as easy as it sounded.

juice concentrate has 28grams of sugars in a 12 ounce can.

Help!!! How many ounces of concentrate??

Nurmey 10-25-2008 10:13 PM

There are 28.35 grams per ounce. However, that reading is probably PER SERVING. At the top of the label it will tell you how many servings are in the can. Remember that the serving size are for the mixed concentrate. Don't let all that math give you a head ache. :D

Capt. Kaos 10-25-2008 10:32 PM

Holy crap! My head hurts! There are 6 servings in the container. Thanks for all the help.

lapaglia 10-26-2008 03:53 AM

Short version of the math. 2.75 oz per gallon. (3 oz is ok) just concentrate no water added.

Kauai_Kahuna 10-26-2008 04:26 AM

This is good to know, thank you all.
I was thinking of doing this on my current cider made from WLP300 yeast if I can find enough bottles, otherwise I will have to keg it up and force carb.

Schlenkerla 10-26-2008 04:31 AM

Its best to use your hydrometer to determine the concentrate gravity or the true sugar content.

(Vol to prime with in quarts) = (12 x gals wort)/((OG-1)x1000)

Assume the following

- 5 gal fermented cider

- 1.040 OG of priming cider

Calculate as follows....

12x5 = 60

1.040-1 x 1000 = 40

60/40=1.5 quarts

I believe regular rehydrated apple juice is 1.040 try to measure the concentrate, then replug in the new values or volumes.

This formula is from the complete joy of homebrewing which would be equivanlent to about 3/4 cup corn sugar or ~5oz by wt. ~ 2.7 volumes.

I believe this is the best way to ensure you don't get bottle bombs or under carbonate. Your cider will try to ferment down to zero, unless you used a low attenuating yeast like wyeasts sweet mead yeast.

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