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crusader1612 05-30-2012 06:31 AM

Apple & Feijoa/Pineapple Guava
I'm getting gear together to make an Apple and Feijoa cider.

This is the recipe being used, I've taken this from numerous threads which has other fruit flavours, although with feijoa being a very tart fruit: See here http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feijoa

for those who still use gallons etc I'm sorry ive added approximate sizes: we use metric units (litres) in New Zealand. :-):rockin:

15 Litres of 100% Apple Juice in 3 litre bottles. 4(gal)
3 Litres of Feijoa Juice from the supermarket in 1 litre bottles(I could only find The juice with 30 % feijoa in it the rest is apple juice) Probably because its so tart. (1gal)
500Grams of Dextrose, 1 kg packet purchased.... (1lb)

1 Campden Tablet
Feijoas frozen for awhile, then thawed and flesh removed(weight to be confirmed, depends how many i can get off the tree). This will be mashed with the campden tablet.
Champagne Yeast 1-2 packets

The feijoa fruit itself will be added to secondary and transfer after probably 2 weeks, and be left again for a good period of time.

then bottled and conditioned for probably 2 months or so.

finally i get to my questions:
should i use one or two packets of yeast?
and should i warm the juice up and add the sugar to it, i have 5 bottles of apple and 3 bottles of the feijoa stuff?
the last thing is should i boil or just wamr or do none of the above?

Was thinking about adding two bottles of apple and one bottle of feijoa, then warming up two apples and two feijoas, with the sugar. , then top up with the last bottle of apple and add the yeast accordingly.

thoughts everyone? thanks. and i will keep thing updated on the progress, It's probably going to be a real panty dropper.

UpstateMike 05-30-2012 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by crusader1612 (Post 4127356)
finally i get to my questions:
should i use one or two packets of yeast?
and should i warm the juice up and add the sugar to it, i have 5 bottles of apple and 3 bottles of the feijoa stuff?
the last thing is should i boil or just wamr or do none of the above?

DO NOT BOIL! I'm not even sure that I can recommend warming the juice, I'd just mix it in at room temperature.

As for the yeast, use 1 pack, but make a starter with it 3 days ahead of time. That will give the yeast a chance to grow, and by the time you add it to the batch you will have a thriving colony that will probably be more than what two packs of dry yeast would be.

crusader1612 05-30-2012 09:22 PM

Cheers, Some recipes have actually said to boil some juice, which i though was a bit strange, so i'd ask.

when you say a starter, you mean rehydrate the yeast right?

Should be starting in the next week or so.....

crusader1612 05-30-2012 09:48 PM

Oh and do I need to add pectic enzyme? i assume this will make it look all clear etc.

cyberlord 06-05-2012 02:59 AM

A yeast starter is more than re-hydrating the yeast. There is sugar/nutrient and sometimes (I recommend) some of the must you are about to ferment in there. I do 50/50 warm water/must and a little sugar/nutrient. Pitch the yeast on it and let it run for a while. Yeast colonies double in size about every 2+ hours or so. Keep it covered but let it breath. Aluminum foil, paper towel, coffee filter all work well.

Pectin enzyme is recommended for a clear cider but not essential. I use it.

k-trips 06-05-2012 04:08 AM

Hi Crusader - fellow NZer here - would be very interested how your cider goes - I assume you are using Fresh Up juices?

Just this weekend I made some sophisticated prison hooch out of the Fresh Up 3L bottles..

When are you starting on it?

k-trips 06-05-2012 04:11 AM

I started last Friday and this was how I did mine.. (took half an hour from unpacking juice to sitting back and relaxing)

- got 2 x 3L bottles of Fresh Up Crisp Apple. (not on special for $13)
- drained out 500ml from each (drunk 500ml as its not needed)
- heated remaining 500ml in microwave for 60 seconds
- sterilised 2 airlocks and demijohn bungs in Starsan (also sterilised and kept the original lids for post fermentation storage)
- stirred 500gms dextrose into the hot juice making 600mls juice (1kg dextrose for $3)
- poured 300mls of juice into each bottle and chucked lid back on
- shook like mad and then added half a packet of Safale S-04 yeast to each bottle (packet of yeast for $4)
- chucked air locks into the mouth of each bottle (2 bungs and airlocks cost <$15 if you don't have them to start with)
- added a little vodka to each airlock to prevent contamination
- left them to brew and went away for the weekend - they are now bubbling away nicely and should be in the fridge by the end of this week and perhaps even drinkable soon... :D

Hope they taste OK but there has been bugger all science going in to it so they may taste like crap - expect them to finish around 10-12% alc.
FYI - SG was 1.066 - hope FG to be 1.002 (ish) giving 9-10% abv

pic for reference



crusader1612 06-05-2012 08:53 AM

HAHA! thats brilliant, the missus burst into laughter looking at your bottles and then just said "why didn't you think of that:. I'm using the original apple flavour Fresh up - bought 15L on Special from Push N Shove. along with fresh feijoa juice, its apparently 30% feijoa?

your one should turn out well from what I can see. nice and easy, its a good apple cider really

Putting it down tomorrow with my day off, so should be an interesting experiment, keep me going on what your up to. hope its not to windy in welly, with the rough weather heading in!

k-trips 06-05-2012 10:50 AM

Haha yeah simple rocks. I did my first brew from concentrate a couple of weeks ago and chucked up how I did it in one of my first posts on here.

However this time I decided to make one as simply and cheaply as I could with hopefully a palatable result.
Heaps of my friends were asking about making cider but whining about complexity and cost. I want to prove its not always the case.

So far I think Im heading down the right road. I took a hydro reading today and its at 1.028 already.

Also thinking about starting a blog from a learners point of view.
Most blogs assume you know about making homebrew already .
If I do I'll let you know. If not I'll be sure to document it here.

Good luck with your brew tomorrow. Keen to hear how it went.

Also hope it doesn't snow too hard...

crusader1612 06-06-2012 11:17 PM

a Minor delay - Snow has closed the brew shop and I cannot get my sugar! Looks Like I'll be doing it on Saturday Morning.....

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