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mrdillon5 08-25-2012 02:07 PM

when do you say when?
I tried make a mead with with dried apricots. They were preserved with sulfites, so I rinsed x2, boiled for 5 minutes, drained, rinsed x2, drained, covered with fresh water and boiled for 15 minutes, turned off the heat and covered the pan with some pectin enzyme and left overnight. Next day the apricots were so full of juice that I could not fit all 2 lbs in a one gallon jug (about a pound and a half went in). The recipe called for 2 lbs. Then I screwed up and put too much honey in. I was shooting for 1.090 S.G. to start. Added yeast and nothing was happening, S.G. was now off the charts (as some of the apricots were breaking down and added sugar to the must).
I pulled off the liquid into another jug. the way I figured it, there was enough sugar in there to make two gallons. With a little water I mixed the two separate jugs back and forth until 1.090 was in each. The new jug took off, only a few apricots made it into this one. The original still had the majority of rehydrated apricots. But it won't start fermenting. Yeast energizer, nutrient, more yeast were all added in back into this one and nothing is happening. It has been 48 hours, is it time to give up? I figure there is too much sulfites in these apricots and the yeast can not overcome them.
I used Lalvin 71B-1122 yeast, would champagne yeast help? Or are the same thing?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

mrdillon5 08-28-2012 08:20 PM

for what it worth, after 48 hrs I put in a whole fresh pack of the same yeast. within 12 hours it was going great! patience grasshopper.

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