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Hrahn1995 01-26-2013 05:02 PM

Wheat Malt Braggot, Red Braggot, Spiced Braggot
So i have done a great braggot in the past, but im thinking about doing a batch of just various braggots. I will probably attempt to recreate my Heavy Braggot called Jotunheim, which is a simple braggot using no boil with 2lbs of wildflower honey, and 1/2lb of Dark Dry Malt Extract then about 1/4 oz of Cascade hops added in the primary. It was jsut a wonderful, Dark Braggot that was very amber colored and nicely sweet without being anything close to cloying.

I would first like to play around with a Wheat Braggot. I know many wheat beers employ citrus, so i would either use Orange Blossom Honey, or i would use clover honey, and sweet orange rind. With either i may use a lemon Tea. I would probably use the same proportions of 2lbs honey and 1/2 lb of Wheat DME. I am aiming for a much lighter in color but almost as strong in Alcohol beer when compared to the Heavy Braggot.

The Red Braggot would use wildflower honey, chared or carmelized Amber malt Extract and probably a light boil on some flaked rye. I dont do anything with boils, so i dont know how much rye to use for a 1 gallon batch. I am looking for a deep red color and some rye flavors because i am calling this beer something to do with Erik the Red. I will probably use Warrior Hops as a bittering agent added into the secondary along with some toasted Oak chips.

The Spiced Mead will probably use Cinnimon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Ginger, and Allspice to flavor it. It might be hopped or it might not depending on the profile the spices create and what everyone else says. Overall im looking for a Winterwarmer style of braggot if that makes sense. I will probably try to use Buckwheat honey, and Amber Dry malt Extract.

Tell me what you guys thing of these ideas, i have a while before i start them because i have the next 3 months or so planned atm

cheezydemon3 01-26-2013 05:08 PM

Braggot recipes I have seen DO require the "wort" to be boiled. Not an expert by any means on braggots.

Hrahn1995 01-26-2013 06:59 PM

Most require the wort, but because of apparatus i cant do a wort; and my 2 previous wortless braggots turned out great so im not worried about that step. I think (from my use of amalyase) if i did a wort it would turnout too dry because there would be far less residual sweetness in comparison to the Alcohol content. Thanks for the input!

cheezydemon3 01-26-2013 11:15 PM


Hrahn1995 01-31-2013 09:45 PM

So does anyone have experience with a wheat braggot or a Rye braggot? Anyone with experience in Wheat or Rye beer would be helpful.

Thanks guys

Wraithraider 02-01-2013 10:49 AM

I think all three sound tasty and fairly balanced in what you'd want in a flavor profile. I wouldn't make any changes, but I've always been leery on spices. Sometimes it's just too damn hard to get it right and it's always subjective. I added a quarter tsp of orange zest and grains of paradise to a 5 gal brag got and it tasted like a lemon wrapped pepper mill. I did a wort and threw them in the last 15 min but I wouldn't do that again.

May I ask what yeast you're planning on?

Fathand 02-01-2013 11:31 PM

I brew 10 gallon batches of beer and usually after I sparge I have some extra wort left over. I made a simple Hefeweizen and used the extra wort to make a 1 gallon batch of a Hefe Braggot that was great.

I boiled 1 gallon of the Hefe wort and hopped with .25 oz of Tettnang hops at 60 mins. Then cooled it and added 2 lbs of clover honey. Fermented it with k1-V1116 and then dry-hopped with 1 oz of Tettnang.

As I said it turned out fantastic. But I see you don't boil and hops must be boiled to extract flavor and bitterness. I assume you are getting some hop aroma but wonder if because you are putting them in primary if a good portion of the aroma is getting driven off during fermentation?

Hrahn1995 02-02-2013 01:23 AM

I will probably be using Ec-1118, Redstar Champagne, or MAYBE ICV D-47. Because i am primarily a mead maker i dont have any true beer yeast. With the boil, i might try doing a very hot tea and steeping the hop pellets in there. I will also probably add a couple pellets into the secondary for aroma so aroma wont be completely driven away.

Does anyone have an idea on how dark the Wheat braggot would come out? I know Orange honey is generally as light as clover and the wheat extract will probably be LME or AME if available. (Im calling it The White Viking so if it isnt white, thats a bit of a problem)

cheezydemon3 02-02-2013 02:55 PM

I would do the boil of just a gallon or so and top off if that is all you can do.

Hrahn1995 02-03-2013 01:30 PM

well as i said, i cant do a boil easily. (my username is a hint to why)

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