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zav3nd 12-20-2012 10:34 AM

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Bottled my JAOM last night, nice and clear just in time for Christmas.

zav3nd 12-21-2012 04:52 AM

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Welp I decided to make another one now that I have an empty carboy with the extra carboy leftover for racking. So I started another one.

Peach Mead

-Peach-ee mead thats fairly sweet without sacrificing alcoholic content.

Batch Size: 1gal
Honey Variety: Starthistle
S.G.: 1.14 (? Hydrometer stops at 1.13 and left a large head-space to give extra room for large foam up.

3.5 lbs honey
water to gallon (Left headspace, will top up after a few days)
Frozen Peach Slices, 1lb
D 47 Yeast

Sliced peaches from apple slice size into small cuts all along the flesh to allow more surface area. Dropped them into honey and filled 80% full, shook well for excessive amount of time. All while rehydrating the yeast; added a bit of the must to the rehydration in the middle of mixing just because it can't hurt.

-Leave in primary for 2weeks-1month depending on mood, possibly longer.
-Rack to secondary onto another 1lb, maybe 2lb of peaches.
-Rack as needed until clear.

To get an accurate ABV amount, I will have to check SG before and after I add the water to top up?

Attached a screenshot of the mead calculation I did to check numbers.

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