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firestem4 01-05-2013 09:40 PM

Started my first mead!
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Hi all!

I finally got my first mead going today. I got a beer-kit a few weeks ago but I have been more tempted to start a small batch of mead going since It's a bit easier and I don't have all of the equipment I need for brewing beer yet (pots and chillers, blah!)

Anyway, I am making a show mead. I think it will be a medium/sweet mead.

1 Gallon batch with local unprocessed Orange honey. I used about 2.5lbs so hopefully it'll be a tad less sweet. I wanted a dry mead but the LHS only had the sweet mead yeast.

Used bottled arrowhead water
Wyeast 4148.

My O.G. is 1.102 and I just pitched it an hour ago.

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