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Chris7687 12-05-2012 07:24 PM

Spreadable Fruit with Mead?
Hey guys,
I am about to start my blueberry mead and was wondering if it's alreadyo add spreadable fruit to my primary? I am doing a 1 gallon batch with 3 lbs of honey in primary along with 1 lb of blueberries. I picked up some spreadable fruit, which is really just jelly with chunks of fruit in it, and was wondering if I can throw that in as well for added flavor. The ingredients are juice concentrate (pear, grape, pinapple), apricots, maltodextrin (dietary fiber), fruit pectin, and citric acid. What do you all think? The only thing I am leary of is the citric acid, but don't know much about it.

Also, how much would get a good amount for a gallon batch? 2-3 tbs?

fatbloke 12-06-2012 04:59 AM

Yes you can try that if you like the taste of it.

I would suggest that you tried a pound at a time, then leave it to infuse for 3 or 4 weeks.

You would need to consider stabilising the batch with sulphite and sorbate to prevent any further fermentation if the yeast hasnt reached its tolerance.

Also to prevent the pectin causing a haze you would have to dose with pectic enzyme, but I'm thinking 2 or 3 times the quantity you'd use for just straight fruit (1tsp per gallon for fruit/juice is normal as is 2tsp per gallon of a finished ferment so either that or even 3tsp per gallon as the fruit has already been processed which sets the pectin some or its been added to make sure it sets).

Finally, you might also consider finings of some sort to remove/rack any particulate matter that comes from the fruit like skins or fruit flesh that's given up its flavour.....

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