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Arneba28 04-11-2008 07:51 PM

So about my Braggot
I did an unhopped braggot almost 2 months ago. Make a long story short, recipe got seriously f*&%@#ed from bad advise and although it is barely drinkable I could see it becoming an aquired taste. Now because of the hole recipe debauchery, it tastes very watered down but with a definite alcohol heat that is quite pleasant. Now I guess my question is, will this age and just get better or should I add some fruit to each carboy and try to cover up the unpleasantness?

This is what went wrong..
OG 1.073 and it stalled out after 2 weeks so I take a reading and its at 1.049. Now based on the information that I got at the LHBS I was told that after it stalled out I was to split it into 2 batches add 3lbs dme to each and pitch wine yeast into both. so all in all it ended up around 7%abv from what I can gather from my calculation.

Never again do I listen to the people at the LHBS, thats why I am here.

BigKahuna 04-12-2008 03:21 AM

This is what I mean about and idiot at the LHBS being the worts thing that can happen to a beginning (or expanding) brewer.

You could add some Black Cherry to one of them, and leave the other. Maybe both turn out very good?

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