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mooney 12-16-2012 11:54 AM

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Any one ever used this stuff?


I stuck a 250ml bottle in to a mead to see what happened, it started of a deep dark red and now a week in to fermentation its starting to pink up a little, I know allot of the colour of wine is to do with whether or not you have skins in the primary. This being a concentrate am I going to loose all the colour out the air lock? Well I'll find out, 5l didn't cost much;

1.34kg rowes set honey from Costco was about £5 and this stuff was £6 on Ebay. chucked it together witty Youngs champagne yeast, nutrients, a hand full of raisins and some pectic enzyme cos I was not sure if it was needed with juice? But why not? Oh also chucked in 2 cups of earl grey because It was left in my tea pot. I ,guess you would call it a pyment?
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