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jmfitzgerald 01-06-2013 10:18 PM

refractometer vs hydrometer readings...
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so today was my first use of a new refractometer i got for christmas, and can't seem to get my head around some of the readings... i worked on 2 batches so have numbers from each.

first off, yes i calibrated the new refractometer to room temp and distilled water.

today i put together a new pyment and the numbers were pretty close vs what i see some online calculators predicting. for a starting gravity on the refractometer i read 23.9 Brix, and 1.102 SG on the Hydrometer. via this online calculator http://www.brewersfriend.com/brix-converter/ they are within a couple points of each other... i'd say close enough???

now onto racking a blueberry vanilla melomel off the blueberries, and into a clean carboy, this is where i'm confused, and i checked both readings twice. the refractometer was reading right at 9 Brix and the hydrometer was reading 1.008 which is right where i think it would be. as of a month ago, when i added the second addition of blueberries, it was at 1.004. i was kept on the cooler side, if not too cold, so with the the addition of the blueberries, and maybe the yeasties being too cold, i could see the addition of a couple points and not dropping more.

so the big question. why do the numbers seem to be more consistent with the new batch and seem to be way off and different from each other on the racked melomel????

thanks for any insight!

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