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sodypop 10-03-2012 05:42 PM

pyment fermented with raisin yeast
Okay, please don't come down on me too hard. I haven't had a way to get to the closest Brew Supply Shop and I don't have much income. No hydrometer, no "real" yeast, except bread yeast.

I saw online how people were making "raisin yeast water" for baking bread, so I thought I'd try it for mead. I used Thompson seedless raisins with no preservatives. Fermentation was going along nicely so I used some of the raisin yeast to start a wild grape pyment.

I got lazy and left the grapes in for 2 weeks. It's been in secondary for a month, and fermentation, though very slow for awhile, seems to have started back up.

I took a sample today and Oh My! is it good. A little bit warm going down. Of course I have nothing to compare it to, as I've never tasted mead before :-) But if I love it, that's all that counts right?

It's still just a tiny bit sweet for me, and I have no clue how high the alcohol tolerance is for this yeast. What sorts of wine yeast grow on Thompson white seedless grapes? Would that be like a Chardonnay yeast I wonder? Or maybe I misunderstand about the scientific facts of the origin of yeasts and how they're used for different wines or meads.... I wouldn't be surprised. :-)

fatbloke 10-03-2012 09:01 PM

No. Yeasts are isolated not only by sub-strain but also by region. They often have specific properties which depend on climatic conditions.

For example. I did a bit of digging for the "fabled" Maury yeast that is mentioned in Brother Adams writing (which was mostly about bee breeding, but some on yeast making). As far as I could find out, the Maury yeast he mentioned would probably have come from the Maury AOC region, which in turn is a sub-region from within the Roussillon AOC region. Now I've not found any "Roussillon" yeast, but it's a bit further west than Montpelier.

Montpelier strain is better known as Lalvin K1-V1116. Both have some similar properties, as well as many differences.

Your attempt at using "wild" yeasts is laudable, but not necessarily the best idea. You may have been better using the bread yeast and then just adding some nutrients etc for the ferment.

As for not getting to the nearest HBS ? Mail order is your friend. I'd have thought it better to only use wine yeasts, as that way you have some idea about what you might get.....

sodypop 10-04-2012 12:40 AM

I have used bread yeast for hard cider and ginger ale. The flavor is a little like beer to me which I don't mind in those beverages, but I didn't think a pyment would turn out very well with beer-ish flavor and aroma.

The box of raisins said they were from either South Africa or California so no telling the type of yeast I don't guess. But I really love how it has turned out so far. Can't believe it's this delicious so soon. I only made 2 liters for the experiment and wish I'd made more now :-) Oh well, it will last me longer than it would most as I'm not that big of a drinker anymore.

I'm thinking of starting a gallon of JAOM but using the raisin yeast instead. Will be ordering some supplies for myself for Christmas and I can't wait :-) I have more of the wild grapes in the freezer and will definitely be making the pyment again, with the recommended yeast this time.

fatbloke 10-04-2012 03:21 AM

Which still leaves you in the same place, having no way of knowing or guaranteeing that it'll be the same yeast that takes hold of the ferment.

It might come out the same but it also might end up stinking like hell.

A wine yeast will give consistent results, so if anything should.go wrong, its much easier to correct......

S'up to you.......

TAPPAR 10-12-2012 04:28 AM

If you want the same yeast strain from the last batch, use the yeast cake left over from the ferment :)

sodypop 10-15-2012 10:40 AM

Thanks much for the information fatbloke :-)

TAPPAR, That's exactly what I'm doing :-) Seems to be working great so far. It wakes back up pdq and starts chugging along nicely. No off flavors. Tastes very clean. I'm going to keep her going as long as I can. I never have cared much for wine, but just sampled some that I made with Welches concentrate and the must from the wild grape pyment. It's tasty already. I'm sure store bought yeast is best, and I'll be getting some as soon as I can, but I've enjoyed this little experiment and it turned out well for me this time.

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