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opqdan 06-11-2006 03:20 PM

Opinions on my first mead recipe
I have never made a mead before, so this is a first for me. It is technically a pomegranate melomel.

15 lbs or so of wildflower honey (from my own bees, cheap!)
6 quarts pomegranate juice
water to make 5 gallons
champagne yeast (something else?)
yeast nutrient
possibly some grape juice, or more pomegrnate once it hits the secondary

The recipe is kind of general (I haven't quite decided on it yet), but my end goal is to have it somewhere between dry and sweet, more towards the dry side.

I am afraid that the pomegranate juice will cause the mead to be overly tart. Has anybody done a pom, or even a cranberry melomel before (or even raspberries to a lesser extent). I don't want it to be mouth puckeringly tart, but I want the pomegranate to come through. I was thinking of possibly adding black tea (Twinings Ealr Grey, loose leaf in a tea ball during pasteurization) to the batch for a little bit of bittering that would maybe offset it. How does something like that sound? Would it work?

Cheesefood 06-12-2006 01:54 PM

I put some pom in a beer once. It's way too tart in my opinion. If you do your mead sweet-style, it might compensate but I wouldn't go for a dry pom mead. That's just called "bitter".

1.5 gallons of pom is too much, IMHO.

The good news is that anyone drinking that much pom probably adds another decade onto their life.

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