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jar234psu 10-24-2010 11:40 PM

Newbie question - Wyeast Sweet Mead 4184
Hi all,

I'm pretty new to mead-making, so this may turn out to be more of a garden-variety mead newbie question.

Approximately 1 month ago I made 5 gallons of mead and pitched one packet of Wyeast 4184 directly into the must. The OG was 1.094.

I took a hydrometer reading today and the gravity was only down to 1.080! I definitely saw quick activity, and given the amount of bubbling over the past month I would have expected it to be nearing terminal gravity by this point.

Am I just really jumping the gun? Does this yeast take several months to fully ferment or did it poop out? I did not make a starter, but I did add some yeast nutrient when I pitched.

Any ideas? Should I go buy more yeast or just let 'er ride?


MedsenFey 10-25-2010 01:21 PM

It sounds stuck. Please provide the full details of the recipe and process used and we may be able to identify where the problem is.

If you can check the pH that would be helpful as well.


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