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ghpeel 06-26-2010 09:19 PM

Help w/ braggot: Vienna + Honey + Honey Malt
Hello all, I was looking for some advice on how this Braggot might turn out:

4lb Vienna Malt
4lb Honey (at flameout)
1lb Honey Malt
6oz Aromatic
6oz Crystal 120L
6oz Cara-Pils
4oz Lactose
White Labs Kolsch Yeast
Mash at 155F
1.066 Starting
1.0?? Final
1.75oz EKG at 60min
1.00oz EKG at flameout

I'm looking for sort of a sweet, amber braggot with a lot of honey/flowery/malty character & aroma.

Big question: Will this braggot be slightly sweet from the mash temps & unfermentables? Increase or decrease them? And will it taste anything like what I'm shooting for?

I'm planning on maybe 3-4 weeks in the primary, then 2-3 weeks at 35F, then bottling. Would fresh yeast be necessary to bottle? Is the lagering necessary, or should I just do a primary, then bottle, then age for a few months in the bottle?

I'd love any advice you Braggot makers have out there.

commonsenseman 10-18-2011 03:32 PM

Did you ever make this?

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