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DD2000GT 11-30-2011 06:02 PM

Help with sulpher smell
Made a mead on Memorial Day this year, transferred it to a secondary on Fathers Day, then bottled on Labor Day. Tried some from my sampler bottle a few days ago and there is a distinct sulpher smell to the mead - right at the edge of offputting. Still young I know - but I was planning on giving bottles as Christmas presents (with instructions to let age until at least Independence Day 2012) and am trying to decide if the smell will fade in time, or not. Sulpher smell was not present at bottling when I tasted the hydrometer sample.

OG was 1.125 and FG was 1.002. Added Campden and backsweetened successfully when I racked to secondary. Only other issue was fermentation - I fermented room temp during Texas heat wave (about 79 degrees ambient), this is why I went with K1V yeast.

15 lbs local honey
2 pkgs K1V yeast
Yeast nutrient
Acid blend at 2 weeks

Will this smell go away in time or should I plan to find other presents for Christmas?

MedsenFey 12-05-2011 10:58 PM

If it is truly sulfur, it probably isn't going away. The reductive environment in the bottle tends to allow the sulfur compounds to stay.

If what you are getting are medicinal, "plasticy", Band-Aid, phenolic odors, those will probably clear with another 6 months of aging. High temp fermentations seem to develop some funky character at around 6 months, but after a little more than 1 year, it seems to improve (at least with some yeast like K1V).

Since you've already bottled it, there isn't much to do about it now except wait. I wouldn't give anything out as a present that I wasn't sure about, so I'd hang onto them and let them age. Next year they may make beautiful gifts.


DD2000GT 12-06-2011 01:13 PM

Aroma is definately sulpher (like rotten eggs), taste is fine - just young (a little bitter and hot). I find if I let it sit in the glass awhile and swirl the sulpher smell almost goes away. I just thought it was weird I detected none of this at bottling time when I opened the secondary and when I tasted the hydrometer sample.

Sounds like I need to hold on to these and monitor the ageing.

Thanks for the reply.

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