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Default Has anyone made a good peach melomel?

I made a simple peach melomel with an abv of 9%ish. It's my first peachy concoction, with amazing local peaches I picked last summer. It's been at FG for over two months. I was anticipating something entirely different, it's very acidic. Tastes like hard lemonade and there isn't any 'peachyness' in the nose. I was going to keep it dry but now I want to back sweeten with....peach syrup??? I'm in no hurry here, but would love to hear other peoples experiences with 'the peach'.

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I have made 2 meads with Peaches. 1 is still in the carboy but looks to be amazing.

The one that I did first was a Peach Spearmint.

I used 12-14 pounds of peaches, blended and in a mesh bag without skins and pits. This was for a 5 gal batch. The peach did come through but then I was going for a sweet peach. I started with a primary with 12 pounds of honey, lavin D47, water to 5 gal and 1 tablespoon of both nutrient and energizer for the yeasties. This fermented out fine. I then moved it to the secondary in the brew bucket with the peaches. Let that go for 1 month. Then removed the peaches, put in 1/2 oz of spearmint for, racked off the sediment in 4 weeks from that and removed the spearmint that I put into a hops bag for easy removal. It setteled nicely. I stabalized and backsweetened with 6 pounds, when it became clear again, I oaked it with 1 oz of lightly toasted oak chips for 3 weeks. Then removed, ran some sparkloid and a few months later, peach mead. I like it sweet. I aged it for a year, didn't get much scent or taste of peach in the first 3 months of aging though. So if you just bottled this, don't worry. It also will be a beautiful clear color.

The one that I have in the carboy is a Peach Vanilla Nutmeg. This one is also very clear and nearly ready for bottling and then aging for like 8 months. Also started with 12 pounds, back sweetened with 6 pounds, peaches was about 10 pounds of puree. Should taste awesome. I crunched up 1/2 a nutmeg in a hops bag for it and used 1/2 cup of my home made vanilla extract. May have gone overboard on the extract.

But over all, I expect this one to be incredable.

Be patient. Particularly with dry. My suggesiton is if it's a 5 gal batch, sweeten it up with 3 pounds of honey and you should end up with medium sweet. Don't for get to stablize it, just in case some yeasties are still there.


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A friend of mine made a peach melomel that ended up 2nd BOS last year in a rather large competition. They used peach extract to get the peach aroma & flavor.

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I currently have a 1 gallon batch of Cinnamon Peach Mead in my secondary.

A friend of mine had a #10 can of peaches he didn't want so I took it upon myself to get rid of it for him. My original plan was to make this a sweet mead as I was going to gift a bottle to my friend, who perfers sweet wines, for his generous donation.

I transferred the peaches from the can into 2 airtight containers. I froze them a week before brew day and thawed them before use.

I used 2 lbs of honey and 2.5 lbs of peaches for the primary. I topped off my carboy with a mix of water and syrup from the #10 can. Using champagne yeast, I fermented it down to 16-17% ABV. I racked, stabilized with potassium sorbate, and back sweetened with a little less than a half pound of honey, the remaining 2.5 lbs of peaches, a bit more syrup, and a crushed cinnamon stick. This got me within the sweet range on my gravity.

I plan on racking this as necessary till it clears.

If I do this again in the future, I'm going to do this without the peaches in the primary to see how it would come out.

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I used Trader Joes Peach Harvest and Jumex Peach Nectar. Per gallon I used two 12oz cans nectar, then added TJ Peach to the gallon mark. Raw orange blossom honey to 1.090, D47 yeast

For topping up purposes I started a 1.090 mead from Welch's WGP at the same time, figured any excess from topping up would be enjoyed anyway (it was). Backsweetened with room temp WGP concentrate. It was very nice all around and peach very evident. I want to do this with mango too.


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