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MeadyOgre 01-26-2010 08:15 PM

First mead and Pyment
As with most things that I decide to try, I jumped in to mead making with both feet. I read all the available information, both on this site and in The Complete Mead Maker and I started two batches yesterday. The first was Joe's quick Pyment, 3 gallons, 1118 yeast, S.G. 1.120. The second was the recipe for medium sweet show mead from Ken's book, 6 gallons using orange blossom honey and D-47 yeast with a S.G. of 1.082. I hope I read the S.G. right on both....I used nutrient and energizer for both and sterilized everything. Both batches were bubbling away merrrily when i got up this morning. I'll let everyone know how they turn out in a few weeks.

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