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koolegged 01-09-2013 02:15 AM

effects of temperature during fermentation
i have 3 one gallon test batches of mead going with lalvin d47. i usually ferment in my basement, but during these months the temperature down there is 56 degrees. the closet in my bedroom is normally a steady 68. i pitched my yeast the day before yesterday(exactly 48 hours ago) and put the batches in my closet. i checked the temp today and for some reason my closet is up to 74 degrees. i immediately moved the mead to my basement and wrapped a blanket around it. my question is,will my mead finish good or did i catch it too late? d47 is supposed to ferm between 59-68. will getting temp down before fermentation is through avert disaster or is it too late?

fatbloke 01-09-2013 03:34 AM

The only thing with D47 is that if its fermented at over 70F/21C, is that its been found to produce fusels with honey musts.

I'd have thought you should be fine as only a fraction of the time it will take to ferment (in total) was above 70F.

The lower temp you've moved it too might just slow it down some which in the case of D47 should help.

Just keep checking them to make sure the ferment is moving along ok.

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