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choosybeggar 07-14-2013 03:32 PM

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Originally Posted by fatbloke View Post
Why add a rehydration nutrient ? Instead of a fermentation nutrient ?
Well, this is my first attempt at mead and I must confess, I'm not yet facile with all of the different possible nutrient additions.

That said, I did a little research before throwing the Go-Ferm into the tank. Here's an interesting link describing the nitrogen content of Go-Ferm, FermAid K, Superfood, and DAP (see table 3). The nitrogen in Go-Ferm is organic but present in a smaller amount than FermaidK (or presumably fermaidO) . Additionally, the recipe in Zymurgy (see image) recommended Go-Ferm in combination with fermaid-K for the SNA. What this said to me was that Go-Ferm is used in some circumstances, by some meadmakers, as a nutrient addition. Finally, I have Go Ferm on hand but not fermaid O (hadn't heard of fermaid O until your post, Fatbloke). Anyway, I figured I was good adding the Go-Ferm.

So I tossed it in, gave the must a mighty stir and...the H2S odor has diminished. If it comes back, I'll go for the boiled yeast and raisins. Thanks for the advice.

While I have you here, Fatbloke, could you comment on the risks of oxidation associated with vigorous stirring? I'm waaaay past the 1/3 point (although I'm hazy on how to define the 1/3 point in a sweet mead-is it 1/3 of the way to SG=1.000 or 1/3 of the way to the predicted FG which in this case is 1.03-1.04) Anyway, people say you can splash rack without worry of oxidation but then some caution to be very careful with the transfer form primary to secondary. What do you think is important to avoid mead oxidation? At what point in the fermentation do I need to start being really careful?

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