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Curtis2010 07-29-2012 02:26 AM

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Originally Posted by Crumb View Post

secondly, the next thing I want to do is a braggot
is there a good one stop thread I should visit regarding braggots?
I also want to use maple syrup and not use hops. thoughts? opinions?

I've done a lot of beer brewing, but not a lot of mead brewing. Just recently made my first braggot, quite by "accident", and it was awesome. We are polishing off the last liter right now.

I have not found a ton of information on the 'net re braggots -- just some basic info and recipes. As I understand it, there are two ways to make braggots, both of which have some historical authenticity. One, blended by mixing separately brewed mead and beer. Apparently this was common practice at one time in English pubs. Two, a wort/must made with a combination of mead and beer ingredients (malted grains and optionally hops) fermented together.

In my case, I had brewed a batch of sweet mead and an IPA. I was not entirely pleased with the IPA so I blended some of it 50/50 with mead -- the result was great. The sweetness of the mead balanced nicely with the strong hops of the IPA and helped to mask some of the defects in the IPA.

The web site www.gotmead.com has some braggot recipes and basic info.

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