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DuffmanAK 12-30-2008 06:56 AM

Common For Meads?
So I've brewed a few batches of beer so far, and on my first mead now. It was in primary for 3 weeks, and a few days ago I racked it into a secondary. Yesterday when I checked it I've got a whole new yeast cake on the bottom, and the thing is fermenting away. Is that common with meads? Rouse the yeasties and they get at it again?

I checked my SG and did the calculations, came up with 8% ABV which seemed low. And when I racked it, I tasted it. Seemed really sweet still, so I'm rather pleased to see it fermenting more.

I'm thinking to give it another 2 weeks, and I'll rack it to another carboy to age for 3 months or so.


Kauai_Kahuna 12-30-2008 08:38 AM

DuffmanAK - Hey DUFF, long time no post, or maybe just on the threads I pay attention to.

What was your original OG, and your current SG?

I think you may have racked too early, Meads are kind of different, honey is not like a beer wort that is just perfect for the yeast. With meads PH, Nutrients, oxygen, a very healthy yeast starter, etc, (see the FAQ above) is very critical in the first 3 days.

Just when I think I got it figured out, I learn quickly I don't. Hightest links in the sticky is great introduction to this brave new world.

Right now, my best answer is to give it much more time. Unlike a beer, you can leave it on these lee's for many months until it changes from a copper colour to extremely clear. You actually want this yeast bed in order to condition the mead and clean up after themselves.

Second point, unlike beer where the time line is weeks to months, meads are on a time line of months to years... If not decades.

Welcome to meads, you will never look at your carboys the same way again. One month, beer. One year MEAD...

DuffmanAK 12-30-2008 08:34 PM

Hey there, ya, I've been caught up in other things and haven't had much chance to post lately :)

ANywho, knowing that I can leave it on the cake a while is good to know, I'll just ignore this thing for a bit.

My OG was 1.098 and when I racked it I got 1.034. I knew that meads aged a while, but thought I could toss it into a secondary after 3-4 weeks, then let it just age. It's not too clear right now, so sounds like it needs to sit a while longer. Thinking to look at it again in a few months maybe.

I also did have it in one my big 6 gallon carboys, but racked it into a smaller 4 gallon now, freeing the big ones up for more beer :)

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