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Dustwing 07-16-2009 05:06 AM

Acerglen, stuck fermentation? layer of honey?
I started a maple syrup mead about a month ago. Life happened and I hadnt checked it untill the other day, where I found I had about a inch/inch and a half thick layer of unfermented honey at the bottom with little to no airlock activity. It's a one gallon batch so I wasnt too worried, figured the yeast had gone dormant so I swished it around a bit in the carboy to see if there was any co2 ready to foam up in there..aaand didnt see much, if any. So I waited, checked again the next day, and when nothing had changed I added some yeast nutrient and montrachet yeast to see if I could restart something and get to that honey. There seems to be some action now, but I cant tell if it is coming from the top or the bottom(the top of the honey line at the bottom anyway) or both XP

anyone see any major holes? I have another 1/2 cup of maple candy bits waiting to be crushed and added to the brew once it gets racked. Pretty awesome candy, comes from a place Called Sprauge's in upstate NY (Olean) I visited while on vacation at a friend's place last week. Maple stuff is so easy to find there compared to florida :cross:

here's my recipe
-1 gallon total-
3lbs clover honey
1 cup grade A amber maple syrup
1/2 cup packed of maple candy sugar
spring water to fill
lalvin 114
repitched Montrachet

conpewter 07-16-2009 04:27 PM

I doubt that it is honey at the bottom of your fermenter. Honey will dissolve in the water eventually, plus I'm sure the yeast put a good dent in it. That does look like a high alcohol mead though, OG around 1.140 or 1.150?

Dustwing 07-16-2009 04:41 PM

oh yeah the honey has definatley diminished, but I'm pretty sure it's honey down there, I've made a few meads this year and it doesn't look like the lees of any other mead I have. The OG was around 1.150, unfortunately I don't know what it is right now as my hubby broke my hydrometer while it was drying in the dish rack :( I wish they made those things out of plastic!

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