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ozinkent 10-23-2012 11:44 AM

2nd time, now experimenting!
My friend and I brewed up some mead last year, using his home brew kit, a nice 5 gallons.
Just kept it simple, oranges and raisins (traditional I read)… I used malt extract for the yeast nutrient, and it turned out very nice…. Only got one bottle left (1 year old now… was to tempting to ope then others!)

Due to space and moving, I have talked my wife around and have got room to brew ‘one-at-a-time’ in a 1 gallon plastic demijohn.
And I fancy mixing it up with a few different flavours, the top ones I will try are:
*Peaches and vanilla
*Christmas (cinnamon, c loves etc..)

Please double check my first plan for me, I think iv got its nailed down..

To make 1 gallon Peach+ Vanilla:

3lbs honey
1 cup STONG tea (for the yeast nutrient)
Yeast ( I used Champaign yeast last time, I like strong mean, and it had a slight fizz on the toung! Nice)
1lbs canned peaches (pureed)
Top up with spring water to make 1 gallon

In the 2nd fermentation I will add:
tsb pectin enzyme‎
2lb canned peaches (pureed)
2 whole vanilla beans (split and scraped!)

sounds ok to me, but iv only brewed a basic mead once :)

PS (do ya think peach AND vanilla would be TOO much in a sweet mead?)

ozinkent 10-25-2012 02:22 PM

so everything looks ok then?? :)

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