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Originally Posted by netman View Post
It's all grain with no sugar added.

I only boiled the wortchiller 45 minutes this last batch, just in case 15 minutes I usualy boil my wortchiller wasn't enough.

I'm simply running out of ideas, so I'm doing things I never do normaly.

Next time I'll use a waterbath and not use the wortchiller at all. And I'll use fresh hops.

I'll post the results, when I have anything new.

Thank for your help, guys.
Hey, no need to buy Star San from US and pay tons of € for shipment... you can find it here as well - check but Chemipro does the job for me. I use either a bleach solution rinsed with boiled water or Chemipro and had no problems so far, except for one batch.
I'm a newbie as well - if you throw an eye at my post count you'll get the idea - but cannot the sourness be pre-existent to boil? Are you also dry-hopping with those 4 year old ones?

If you're close to Belgium, consider this as your new supply shop:

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if you cant figure it out, try a little experiment. make a small batch of wort, cool as regular and transfer to your sanitized carboy. then steal a trick from the wine makers and use campden tabs (one per gallon {or metabysulfite}) crushed up. the campden will kill everything in the wort. allow at least 24 hours for the campden to gas off then dry pitch your yeast. this should end up with only clean wort and your yeast of choice in your carboy. once pitched, don't open the stopper on the carboy for 2.5-3 weeks and don't slosh around the fermenting beer (don't allow it to splash up and touch the stopper or bottom of the air lock {even though you sanitized with purpose!}) If you still end up with sour beer, the problem has to be with your yeast of choice or maybe (unlikely) a deep scratch in your carboy which is harboring some nasties. good luck bro, we're all pulling for you.


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I saw you rinsed some of your items, the rinse water can be infected if you didn't boil it.

I would do one batch: boil the cleaned immersion chiller; use the carboy, cleaned thoroughly and sanitized with starsan; use a new airlock, soaked in Starsan, with a stopper, new, boiled. Pour directly from the kettle to the carboy with a metal funnel, boiled. Pitch dry yeast directly into beer. Use StarSan in the airlock.

I can't fathom the beer would sour.

One other thought, is it possible the grain is wet at some point prior to using it? It could be sour grain- taste some. I would also taste the hops, and of course the water.

It's a pain troubleshooting, but don't give up!


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No, I can't really say I've seen any kind of pellicle on any of my beers.

after 14 days there's hardly anything floating on top, exept a small cluster of bubbles.

My malted barley is fresh from the store. Or at least it was when I last brewed.

I still have to find some fresh hops, and then I'll make another batch. And I'll post here, what'll happen, nobody knows.

I won't use the wortchiller at all. and buying a new airlock won't kill me either.


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