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Refry 04-24-2010 05:11 PM

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Originally Posted by kitemanks View Post
Has anyone tried to do this now that these freezers have a computer pannel on the front? The problem I'm noticing is the auto defrost and the thermostat are altogether now on a computer mother type board. If you wire the love controller in after this board and leave everything else alone it will work. However the freezer goes into auto defrost after a designated run time on the compressor. by wiring the love in after the stock computer pannel the freezer's computer will think the compressor is on longer than it actually is and go into auto defrost mode much more frequently affecting the temperature. Any thoughts???
I was researching a similar question (adding a love temperature controller to modern freezer with thermistor, high temp. alerts, and defrost that interacts with its own electronic temperature control), and ran into your question. I have a Kenmore (Frigidaire) model with the following schematic.

The defrost cycle does kick on based on compressor run time, but it also appears to have a thermostat that opens the heater circuit once the evaporator temp reaches 40 degrees F. I'm hoping that means the defrost will still work, but will not really heat the freezer much at all.

Anybody see a problem with hooking the love controller switch on the yellow (C) wire, in between the freezer controller and the compressor? The high temp alert will always be on (unless the temp gets down to 23 F), but shouldn't everything else work like the ones done by John Beere?

mikew2003 04-29-2010 02:22 AM

Should I cut the red wire?
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I've been following this thread and thought i would ask for some help. I'm modifying a Frigidaire refrigerator and i'm confused about the red wire. I'm connecting the Love TS 13010 Can anyone help? This is a single door refrigerator that looks just like the freezer that John Beere has modified with the exception of the red wire. This unit has an external thermostat with a heater to operate the fridge when the ambient temperature falls below freezing. I hope the electrical diagram shows up on this post.

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