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BeardedIdiot 07-22-2012 08:27 PM

Ebay Temp Controller (STC-1000) Wiring diagram
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Hey everyone. I'm in the process of building a fermentation chamber. I have it about half done, but I'm going to wait til its finished to post pictures.

I'm posting because I want to get some feedback on my wiring diagram, to make sure its going to work like I want it to.

I am using a single STC-1000 dual control (heat and cool) controller. I have gutted a dorm fridge and I'm using the compressor and coils from that for the cooling. I will probably set up the light bulb in a can or a small space heater this winter if the laundry room gets too cold (unlikely, but you never know).

As far as wiring goes, I'm going to have 2x double outlets mounted on the ferm chamber. 1 will be for heating, 1 will be for cooling, and the other two will always be on (1 will be running a pair of computer fans that I have rigged up). The 2nd always on plug with be in case I ever need anything else, or maybe one to mount a small light inside or something. I am going to use the top of the ferm chamber as a countertop, and could probably use this last outlet for my yeast starter stirplate, or whatever else I might need.

I'm using a 10 foot, 14 guage, 15 amp, 3-prong plug to connect to the wall. Take a look at my wiring diagram and see if I'm missing anything... Thanks!

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