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LeftTurnOnly 01-29-2013 07:19 PM

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Hey there Johann... I keep telling my self I'm gonna put together a build thread, but so far i just haven't gotten around to it... Here's a photo of it about half way built that may give some what of an idea of what i did.

The fans are the black square looking things... there's another one on the left that you can't see that blows cold air up. It's the reverse of the one on the right that blows warm air down. I did add a partition in the middle on the bottom to make 2 chambers on the bottom where as the top chamber is all one big chamber. The fans themselves are kind of like computer fans but just a little bit bigger and are 110 volt fans for ease of wiring to the Ranco temp controllers. (Guessing 220volt in your case perhaps?)

Functionally, it's certainly not perfect, but I've been very happy with it. I keep it out in my garage where it can get into the 20's or 30's F in the garage in the winter to the high 90's F in the garage in the summer and it seems to still do pretty well with just a few minor adjustments to the AC fan settings. I think if you had it somewhere where the temp fluctuations weren't quite as much, it would be even better, but i still can't really complain...

Hopefully this helps...

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