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Apoxbrew 05-18-2011 04:08 PM

Maintaining Siphon w/ Venturi
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So I set up a venturi aeration tube this past weekend for my brew. It worked great in terms of functioning as a venturi is supposed to function. I may increase the venturi hole a little but in general, it worked great to aerate the wort.

The problem was that it didn't create/maintain a siphon. I have a dip tube in my kettle so a siphon is critical in order to extract all of my wort. I lost a gallon or so of wort because of this lack of siphon.

When I was testing out the venturi tube, I tried flipping it (see pic) so the venturi part was below the bottom of the kettle, but when I did that, the water just flowed out of my venturi hole.

So again, it worked perfectly to aerate the wort as set up in the pic below, but didn't create a siphon. Any thoughts on how I can achieve both?

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