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Snake10 08-21-2009 02:58 AM

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I built a brutus 1o single tier machine. I went to overbrook brewery (clicked on bobbys stuff) and looked at bobbyM's QD's on his rig. He has a video on his site which shows him using his quick disconnects. One hand while holding the camera. They also have high temp o-rings in them. He gives the part number which is from Mcmaster Carr. I ordered them using his numbers and they work awesome. They are always open so you just have to turn you ball valve off or stop your pump when you disconnect and move plumbing around. Also, they are brass which has not affected my brewing at all. McMaster carr is easy to buy from and they are quick on delivery! Tri clamps seem like they would be such a hassle on a small system with flexible tubing.. But then again if the plumbing is fixed and rigid I could see the value of tri clamps. I can't believe BobbyM hasn't piped in here to help you. snake10

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