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DarkSide 07-27-2009 05:56 AM

My Brew Build - Elm Street Brewery - Part 1 - Introduction
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Hi everyone,

Sometime around the mid-1990's I was flipping through the TV when I came across a program that would change my life. Watching TVO (TV Ontario) one night I became amazed at this guy who was telling me I could make my own beer at home. He said it was easy and he was going to show me how..."Relax...Don't Worry...Have a Homebrew" he said. Of course that was Charlie Papazian, and the show was HOME BREW, a 3 part series that aired on TVO years ago.

It inspired me to get into homebrewing. In my apartment I slaved over the stove. I played around with the basics. Malt extract kits, some specialty grains, but always wanting to go All-Grain. An apartment was not the place to dream of that, so when we moved to our first real home almost 10 years ago, one of the first things I thought of was a garage brewery. Yea...10 years ago.

Well, I never thought owning a home was going to be so much work. You become a real jack of all trades. I built a deck the first summer, another summer was spent putting down flooring, the basement finally got done last year, and this year it is the backyard gardens and firepit....plus there is always painting to be done.

So this year I finally said this was it...Brewery or Bust! I have been planning this since I joined HomeBrewTalk back in February. Well I am here to say I finally put all the pieces together this past week and brewed my first All-Grain batch today!! I wanted to do some posts as I built but decided to wait till I was all done to give everyone the whole picture at one time. So I will present all my info in a multi post series if you will. I'll show pics and talk about how and why I did what I did. None of this would not be possible without everyone's help here on the forums. I may not have made many replies to all your posts, but trust me, you all helped. I'll post links to any inspiring posts, ideas or sites. I hope you enjoy. I'll try to post one part each day this week till I'm done.

Thanks everyone!!

P.S. Here's a pic of some raw materials.

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