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mattd2 02-21-2013 09:49 PM

Mini BIAB pilot system idea
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Ok so I have a number of other stuff I need to sort out for brewing but I am always thinking a number of stages ahead of myself!
At the moment I have to finish off my 2 vessel build (and possibly get a third keg to make it 3 vessel), then plan to sell that and use the money to finance a larger system with lots of shinny stuff.
But I also want to get better a brewing and know what different ingredients do, for this AI plan on doing a number of small SMASH beers or similar. i.e. for checking out hops I plan to do a pale ale base (pale malt + some crystal) + standard amounts and times for aroma + flavour hop additions, and then adjust the bittering hop addition to a set IBUs.
Fo this I want to build a fairly robust "pilot" brewery. Thinking to go with the BIAB concept, but the boil will be a bit different.
I am planning to use 2x 10 litre pots 9one fitting inside the other, drill out the inside pot's bottom to make a false bottom. Then pump from the bottom of the pot through a rims tube and back to the top.
Standard RIMS setup for the mash. Sparge I would raise the pot, and then pass cold water through the RIMS to heat it (slightly) and drain back into the main pot.
Now comes the difference, because I am expecting that there will be not enough room in the pot to mount the heating element I plan to use the RIMS tube to boil. I have seen at least one commercial brewery supplier that uses a system similar to this (boil in a seperate unit while recircing the main kettle) but can't remember where.
My main concern is making sure I get the evaporation I need, for DMS and wort concentration.

So any thoughts from you guys? Attached is a bit of a sketch. As usual just want to spitball something in advance of trying something to give me a chance to work out all the issues that could happen.

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