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ReeseAllen 12-29-2009 01:45 AM

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Originally Posted by BucksPA View Post
here's the world's fastest Paint rendition. The red bars are cross bars to hold the kegs and the blue circles are my burners.

Seems OK to me. And you can always weld in an extra pair of legs in the middle if it ends up seeming flimsy.

When you get the steel cut for this, make the top a miter-cut frame and then weld the legs on like in the attached drawing. The legs should be a continuous piece with square cuts on both ends. Everything other than the top frame and the four legs can then just be cut with square ends and welded together how you'd imagine.

edit: I also recommend getting some 1x1 pieces of 1/2" plate and welding them to the bottom of each leg. After welding, flip the stand upside-down and drill and tap a hole in the center of each plate for a swivel foot or caster.

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