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zippy84 08-03-2011 06:17 PM

Starting A white (Grape, Apple & Pear)

I've made a gallon of this wine before from welch's mixed juice, sugar, also using some chemicals and stuff. It turned out great last time so this time I'm doing 2 gallons... Thought my little fermenting bucket would be well over 2 gallons but turns out it's not... the bucket's nearly full to the brim and at the mo my gravity is only at 1.070 compared to last time it started at 1.085 and finished at 0.096 (12% approx). I haven't pitched yeast yet as I intend to leave it over night with a campden tablet in there.

Should I sacrifice on flavour by emptying some juice out and replacing the space with sugar to boost alcohol potential, or should I sacrifice on alcohol content by leaving as is at 1.070. I'm not sure if I should transfer to a new bucket as the only other bucket I have is 5 gallon - is this too big to primary ferment, or could I risk contamination if I sterilize the new buket and transfer, as the yeast hasn't been added yet? When I go to secondary I'll be using two 1 gallon demi johns.

I know it's not that big of a pickle but any thoughts?


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