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MzAnnie 08-30-2012 12:20 PM

Racking Epiphany
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While racking my buckets of wine, today, there wasn't much else to do, while riding out Iaasic, I put all my gross lees in a container to be taken outside when the torrent let up. Hating waste, as I do, I wondered, everytime I walked by my container, if the lees could be used for something OTHER than getting the worms (and the neighbor's dog),in my compost pile, intoxicated. Then it happened, a brainfart of epic proportions...mystery wine!!! So my question is, has any one ever tried reusing the juice from the lees? I put a twenty pound weight on them and squeezed (squoze?) out as much juice as I could, then put it in a gallon jug with about three cups of inverted sugar, left over from a failed experiment. Can I keep adding more mystery juice, everytime I rack? Can I keep it going until I have a five gallon bucket full? Like they do with Amish Friendship bread, only better. Any help/hints would be appreciated. Thank you.Attachment 73865

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