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T-rags 03-29-2009 11:10 PM

Preserving kit wine
I made an RJ spagnols chilean malbec kit wine. Cru Select. The instructions said age at least 3 to 6 months, but if aging more than 6 months add sulphites. So I added 2 crushed campden tablets to six gallons at bottling. What effects do you think this would have in terms of preserving it and or anything else?

Yooper 03-29-2009 11:45 PM

It might help a little, but that's about 1/3 the dose required to give you 50 ppm of sulfites, which is what the goal should be. If using tablets, usually one tablet per gallon is used.

T-rags 03-30-2009 01:33 PM

Thanks. I had read conflicting information. Some information seemed to suggest that MORE than the 1 tablet per gallon was needed. I will stick with 1tab per G next time. Assuming no benefit, how significant is the risk of this wine going bad after say 1 year?

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