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WKU_Doc_D 11-12-2012 05:40 PM

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Photo of my description

mrbeachroach 11-14-2012 06:33 AM

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Originally Posted by WKU_Doc_D
It If you are familiar with persimmon, a fruit sack would not have caught this. I left it in primary for about 8 days because of how vigorous it was, then racked to this carboy
What your are looking at in the pic included is persimmon brandy/wine in the 5 gallon carbon and persimmon wine in the gallon bottles ( the one that looks like lemonade), they were both started on 10-3-12 and they were racked for the first time 2 days ago. I used a nylon/ or mesh bag and strained the crap out of it. Worked perfectly. I was actually surprised at how clear it already is. My brandy style wine is very good. Fg is at 12.84 abv.

Ingredients from my uncle on brandy style

4 oranges
4 lemons both sliced like a tomato with peel on
4lbs raisins
12 lbs sugar
4 quarts persimmons
3 gallons water
Yeast of your choosing
I used high gravity yeast, and another with mono red and later combined batches as I saw no difference in taste at racking
Then the usual additives pectic, yeast nutrient ect.

As for my persimmon wine just made up the recipe

4quarts persimmons
3lbs white grapes
3 gallons water
Champain yeast I think,
And 10 lbs sugar
And the usual additives.

So far taste ok, but a little early to tell, does smell slightly funky. So I splashed racked it. Will keep you all posted.

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