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Sirthomas42 04-03-2011 09:13 PM

My fermentation room...
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This is what happens when you have two incomes, no kids, a spare bedroom, and lots of time.

From left to right, the big carboys in the back: Apfelwein, Joe's Quick Grape Mead, Blueberry Cider, Brown Sugar Apfelwein, more Apfelwein, Strawberry wine.

In the one gallon jugs we have Habanero Mead, Apfelwein, Strawberry Apfelwein, Orange Mead

(not pictured - Blueberry Mead)

Yeah, I know... it's kind of ridiculous. I blame my wife. She keep wanting to make more when we don't have spare carboys.

Turnerdude1 04-03-2011 09:24 PM

Here is my room.
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Pic of my wine cellar if I uploaded it right

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