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Originally Posted by WoodHokie4
So, I just checked the local Walmart and the lowest I found concentrates for was $1.57, but have seen posts where guys quote $0.68...am I missing something or just have bad luck?
It's $2 each for me....
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It's at least $1.79 at my Wally store. I have read a lot of posts looking for a pineapple, orange, apple cider, and I can't get a consensus from any. Does anyone in this forum have experience with pineapple and orange juices to ferment? Any help/information at all will be appreciated. It is the Dole brand, if that makes any difference. I hate to throw away $6.00 in ingredients by finding out a made a poor choice.


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I have been experimenting with different juices for making ciders, which is the saem thing just with beer yeast, and so far everything has been drinkable. Make a gallon batch and try it!

I did try an orange pineapple cider recently, and it tasted muuuuch better backsweetened and carbonated than the hydrometer sample.

You can ferment any flavor juice frozen or bottled, any brand, just make sure its 100% juice and doesnt have preservatives in it. go for it! I routinely used whatever juice is on sale, and some of the cheapest ones turn out the best

Heres I would make a pineapple orange apple cider from concentrate.

1 Gallon Jug
2 cans apple juice concentrate
1 can pineapple orange concentrate
1 tsp nutrient
1 packet nottingham Ale yeast
1 can Pineapple orange to backsweeten

Thaw juice, throw all ingredients (except yeast) into fermenter with water to make a gallon. Use warm water to get temp to 70ish. Take hydrometer reading. Typical cider is 1.50-1.060 OG. Pitch yeast and shake gallon jug vigorously.
Afix blowoff hose/airlock.

After 10 days-2 weeks, check gravity. If its 1.015 or below, transfer to bottling bucket, add the second can of Pineapple Orange juice, and bottle. Stovetop pasteurize when desired carbonation is reached, usually 3-6 days.

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Ok guys... Need your input. I just picked up some Old Orchard Apple Cherry concentrate after I couldn't find any white grape raspberry. What recipe are you following? I will be using a 6 gallon glass carboy as my primary. From what I have been reading the following is what I would need. This was pulled from the Welch's Frozen grape juice wine recipe.

Is the wine tannin and ascorbic acid necessary?

15 11.5 oz cans Old Orchard 100% frozen juice concentrate
5 lbs granulated sugar to start then test SG and adjust to 1.080 to 1.090
7 tsp acid blend (or if possible test and add acid blend to TA .60)
5 tsp pectic enzyme
7 tsp yeast nutrient
2 1/2-tsp bentonite (only if you will be doing the fast clear method)
water to make 5 gallon
wine yeast

1. For fast clear method, add 20 cups hot water to bottom of sanitized primary. While stirring the water slowly sprinkle the bentonite into the water. Continue to stir for 30 seconds to ensure complete dispersal making sure to break up any clumps.
2. Open and stir in all the cans of Welch's Juice to primary. rinse cans with a small amount of warm water and add to primary.
3. Bring 5 quarts water to boil and dissolve the sugar in the water. Remove from heat and stir into primary with the frozen concentrate.
4. Add additional cool water to make 5 gallons.* (If you are adding oak chips add them now approx 1/2 oz per gallon toasted oak.)
5 . Check and Adjust sugar if necessary to an SG of 1.085 to 1.090.
6. Add the acid blend, or if possible test acid and adjust to .60 TA
7. When cooled to room temp, add pectic enzyme and nutrient.
8. 12 hours later add Yeast.
9. When SG drops to 1.010 rack to clean sanitized carboy.
10. Allow to finish fermentation in the carboy for 2 weeks to 1 month until the SG is stable at around .990-.995.* Make sure all fermentation is finished.
11. Do not rack at this time leave sediment.* Stabilize by stirring 1 campden tablet per gallon and 1/2 tsp Potassium Sorbate per gallon into 1/4 cup of cool water and add to the carboy of wine. Stir the wine vigorously for 3-4 minutes to help degas the wine, use a Fiz-X and VacuVin if you have them.*Wait 5 minutes then Stir again VIGOROUSLY for another 3-4 minutes. Repeat several more times if necessary, it is important to completely degas your wine before moving to the clearing stage. Then add the recommended amount of Sparkloid (follow the instructions that come with the package) (Super Kleer will also work, but I like sparkloid for welchs wines) and stir again vigorously for another 2-3 minutes to degas and drive off the CO2. (You don't usually need to add any further campdens or potassium metabisulphite to this wine because welchs does come with SO2 added and is usually sufficient to protect the wine for many years... I only add it at the stabilizing stage)* Then top up and allow to clear for 2 weeks..* When clear rack to a clean carboy and let stand for 30 days..* After 30 days taste to determine if you want or need to sweeten..* If sweetening is desired add sugar syrup to taste or 1.005 and allow to sit another 30 days. When the second 30 days is past either rack or filter the wine into a clean sanitized carboy..* Let sit for 2 weeks and bottle..* This faster method will put the wine in the bottle in 90 days.

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