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Apple_Jacker 09-23-2012 06:50 PM

Limeade (margarita wine)
Here is my Margarita wine/ Limeade recipe:

6 pounds brown sugar
4 pounds white sugar
8 cups water
1/2 cup key west lime juice
Simmered this concoction for 30 minutes to dissolve the sugar

Yeast starter:
4 cups of water
2 packets Lalvin EC-1118 yeast
1/4 cup white sugar
4 tablespoons of the dissolved sugar mixture
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 tsp. Yeast nutrient
1/2 tsp. Yeast energizer

Rest of the recipe:
5 - 16 ounce bottles of Nellie & Joes Key West Lime Juice
1 tsp. Tannin
3 tsp. Yeast nutrient
1 tsp. Yeast energizer
Water to make just over 6 gallons

Gravity: 1.080
Temp: 77 degrees F

I'll be adding the yeast starter sometime today

theboot89 09-24-2012 03:39 PM

I hear about yeast starter but i dont understand the concept of how and why. Can you help?

Apple_Jacker 09-25-2012 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by theboot89
I hear about yeast starter but i dont understand the concept of how and why. Can you help?

The why:

Lime juice is very acidic and has preservatives that would probably kill yeast if I just pitched the packet without making a good starter.

The what:

A starter is just as it sounds: starting to grow your yeast colony before adding it to your must (your juice and sugar mixture).
You rehydrate the yeast in the water and you add some kind of fermentable sugar for the yeast to eat and grow and multiply.

kiwi74 09-25-2012 12:53 AM

Thx for the formula! Have you drank this wine before, and was it really sweet?

Apple_Jacker 09-25-2012 02:36 AM

I've made skeeter pee before, but this one is a first for me. The must by itself made for a great margarita by itself, so I'm hoping this will taste like one once it is finished. About 2 hours while watching the Tigers game, the airlock started bubbling away. It's going so strong that water is being pushed out if the airlock. I'll have to craft a blowoff tube before I go to bed.

FTG-05 09-25-2012 02:58 PM

Looks good!

Where do you get the Tannin and how long do you let it ferment?

Apple_Jacker 09-25-2012 03:15 PM

I bought powdered tannin from a homebrew store up in Michigan last year. As far as fermentation times, I'm sticking to the recipe and directions found at skeeterpee.com

ArrogantDusty 09-25-2012 04:23 PM

Wow, I would never have thought of this. I am just about to make my first mixed beery wine and apfelwein, but this will have to come next!

HBngNOK 09-26-2012 10:49 PM

Looking fwd to trying this. I've made two batches of skeeter pee, substituting a 32 oz bottle of lime juice for the third bottle of lemon juice, and it's excellent, i.e. very light lemon-lime flavor, but could use more lime. Your recipe should give me the limey-ness I'm looking for.

Apple_Jacker 09-27-2012 01:41 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Well, I do have an update. The yeast sure have been busy the last 4 days. It is already down to 1.038 (5.5% ABV). It has a distinct brown sugar and lime flavor and I can't even taste a hint of alcohol. It smells like a good, homemade margarita mix.

Attachment 77247
This is after adding the nutrient, energizer, remaining lime juice, and pectic enzyme. As soon as the nutrient hit the surface, it foamed up pretty good, like a root beer, but with almost a 2 inch tall head.

Attachment 77248
Here's how it looked when the foam settled out.

Attachment 77250

Attachment 77251
I added a few ice cubes as it was warm and tart at first sip. It tastes like a non-alcoholic margarita. I have a feeling this one is going to be as popular as the skeeter pee I made :drunk:

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