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FredTheNuke 09-17-2012 12:38 AM

Interesting Apfelwein vs Skeeter Pee K-Meta
So yesterday's brewday was one of those that should be deleted from my memory.... I whipped up 2 six gallon batches of Apfelwein and 4 five gallon batches of Skeeter Pee. I decided to use clover honey and brown sugar in lieu of dextrose for the Apfelwein. After reading many sites on making mead I settled on one that used sulfite to sanitize the honey instead of boiling or equivalent. In the process my brain decided that all six containers needed 1/4 tsp of K-meta PER gallon..... Even though I knew better - must have been those beverages consumed during the prep.....

Anyway I pitched Red Star Premier Cuvee in the Skeeter and Montrachet in the Apfelwein. The next morning - NOTHING for activity of course. With 250ppm of k-meta in solution nothing COULD ferment....

The cool thing - tonight (exactly 24 hours later) the Apfelwein is bubbling away - it overcame the k-meta in one day! Wow - I did not know that could happen.

Now the Skeeter Pee didn't have that luck. I added 64ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (targeting removal of 208 ppm of free sulfite). I'll give it 2 days and if needed repitch with fresh yeast... We shall see!

What a good climb up the Dumbarse Tree that was... :tank:

FredTheNuke 09-18-2012 06:54 PM

For anyone that might wonder - the Montrachet yeast is a friggin BEAST! One day after adding the Hydrogen Peroxide it came back to life and began bubbling away! This was pitched in one of the four Skeeter Pee batches (I missed that fact the first time around - I ran out of Premier Cuvee and used Montrachet for one of the four batches of SP). This was not a repitch - the original sachet once the k-meta burned off went to work! Amazing little creatures that strain is.

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